Marcel K. Pope, CFP ®

Wealth Management Advisor

Marcel K. Pope, CFP®,  began his career with Dean Witter Reynolds (now Morgan Stanley Smith Barney) in March 1997 in the capacity of financial advisor and Associate Vice President of Investments. In January of 2001, he moved his career to First Union Securities (now Wells Fargo Securities) in the capacity of financial advisor and Vice President of Investments. 

In December 2003, after having gained considerable experience with both a major leading wall street firm and a major leading bank brokerage firm, he concluded undoubtedly that he could best serve clients with objective advice as an independent consultant, improving the experience clients feel when dealing with the extremely important issue of personal finances and investments.

His definite major premise with his business is to educate a client and help that client identify his/her individual goals, ascertain where he/she is currently in regards to risk and proper asset allocation, and then recommend a plan of action to work towards those goals within a realistic timeframe.

"My favorite practice is to have a client understand why I am recommending what I am recommending versus the client "trusting" me and "hoping" I am doing the right thing for him/her. I think that is what clients appreciate the most."

To reach Marcel, please contact him at (321) 723-1040 or

Phone (321) 723-1040
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